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We are a results-driven gym with countless success stories, FAI has earned itself a reputation as being one of the best MMA and fitness venues in Ireland.

TWO matted areas FULL SIZED Olympic wrestling mat The TOP coaches Ireland has to offer. Our facility`s include a 20 foot competition cage, also a half cage in custom built fight room! With pads, gloves and bags all available at Fight Academy Ireland.

Based in the Springbank Ind Estate in Poleglass. The list of classes on offer at FAI has grown extensively alongside its client base which includes both males and females of every age group and children as young as five years of age.


Specialising in MMA, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, as well as strength training and high intensity circuits we offer martial art and fitness solutions to the everyday gym-goer no matter what their level. Whether you want to learn a martial art for self defence or compete, there is an option for you and you can rest assured that all our coaches are the best in their style having coached or competed at national and world level. We also offers classes in Kettlebells, taken by an advanced EKI instructor with over seven years’ experience.


These classes have attracted a huge female following too as FAI has successfully quashed the belief that strength training in women produces bulk. Now those ladies attending the Kettlebell classes are realising the benefits of strength training, the importance of becoming stronger for everyday life without getting bigger and the evident results are continuing to attract new clients every day.


By combining Kettlebell classes with cardio workouts, FAI has got a message across to its punters that a mix of styles is one of the best ways to train for fat loss and toning muscles. Its circuit classes cover all the movements the body requires to gain total body fitness while the motivational instructors ensure every gym goer is pushed to get results.


For those who want extra encouragement, FAI also offers one-on-one, tailored PT sessions and intimate group sessions. Our 12-week programme is highly reputed for shedding body fat and building lean functional muscle and when accompanied by recommended activity and diet plans (all included in the programme) it produces major visible changes in body shape while promoting a more positive mental outlook and sense of well-being.


Further testament to our success is our competitive fight team, which has gained a reputation in the Irish and UK MMA scene as one of the TOP clubs in the country – an undisputed label made evident by the number of wins and titles we hold in all disciplines.

Muay Thai

Joe Armstrong the has been practising Muay Thai for 12 years & is a former Irish Muay Thai champion. If you want to learn how to clinch, kick, knee & elbow, get yourself to this class!


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu / Judo

Sebastiao Torres with grappling for 25 years and hold black belts in both Judo and BJJ.


3 x Brazilian National Champion South American Champion Bronze in European Championships Northern Ireland and Irish National Champion


3 x Irish Gold Medallist Advanced Under 75k No Gi 2 x Irish Gold Medallist Advanced Absolute No Gi

MMA Wrestling

With many years experience and titles to his name, Patrick McAlister will teach you how to grapple, submissions, cage control and sparring. Even if you have no experience, at this class you will learn essential experience of MMA wrestling!


Wanting to learn how to box or just touch up on your boxing skills? Weather it be for an mma fight or boxing fight, get yourselves up to FAI, Evolve Fitness on Thursday 5.30-7.

Seamus will teach you the fundamental skills to boxing for all skill levels. Learn from one of the very best Boxing coaches,Mr Seamus Deeds.

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